Is selling getting harder?

No, selling is getting different!

Whether you blame it on “Social Media” or the “New Normal,” many of the old reliables just don’t matter any more.

There are fewer “salesmen,” and they have to touch many more people effectively. Today, you need to know how your offering works to represent it effectively. More time spent knowing your offer means less time drilling on sales techniques, chasing leads, developing relationships. You need something that starts working the same day you learn it.

Prospecting used to be “creating lists of people to contact” about your offer. That Nigerian Prince conclusively proved you can reach just about everyone through email. Didn't get him many sales, though. Didn't get him any satisfied customers. Prospecting now has to be about working with enough people who will want to buy your offer, and working with them in a way you can afford.

The Sales Funnel was a way to measure how you were telling your prospects about your offer. Do you really think your prospects aren’t already talking to your customers, and those who didn’t become customers? 

How often are you a part of that conversation? Put another way, how many of your transactions come to you as a surprise? 

Have you figured out why your prospects will want to communicate with you if they don't need you to reach a perfectly acceptable decision? 

Today buyers are finding what they want on the Internet. Completing the sale in your favor requires extending the effective parts face-to-face sales skills making the most of the leverage offered by new communications tools. 

Sales Lab does that.

This website is about the things that are working in selling today. If you try them and they aren't showing results in a week or less, try something else, or give us a call. 

Thank you.