For Explosive Sales

Business has changed. How your customer buys has changed as well. Sales Lab can change how you sell in the New Normal economy. Here's how:
  • We ask what each client wants to accomplish through the sales process. Move inventory. Maximize revenue. Grow repeat business. Initiate a new offering.
  • Based on what we learn, we take as much as appropriate from your marketing collateral to support your goal.

  • Together we create the business case for the sale – why the customer will buy  – as benefits to the customer

  • Create usable sales materials and handouts

  • Distill or create what can be used in each individual salesperson’s web and social media presence

  • Create and participate in sales calls with your sales staff to demonstrate the new message and use of supporting discussion and materials, and to use the results for tuning.

  • Work with your sales staff to use a simpler and more effective approach to closing sales

  • Introduce structured weekly status meetings

  • Ongoing followup, using feedback from customers and sales staff about customers’ and prospects comments and, as needed, a refresher about the process

  • Install measured prospecting activities and simplified sales presentations to increase the number of presentations. Modify based on prospect response to increase the number of sales