Presentation Materials

The Direct Economy (Handout)
How to profit  from the most lucrative market in the history of the world

Google+ - Your Personal Website (Handout)

BlogLab - Building A Better Corporate Blogging Program (Handout)

Talk Your Business - How to make more and better sales right away!

The Sales Lab Sales Model
Building A Successful Sales Culture (Poster) (Trifold)

The Five Step Prospecting Script
Would you like a constant supply of interested new prospects?
An easy way to prosper on one page. (Handout

The Four Step Sales Framework
A sales presentation is not a straight line from start to finish,
it is a continuing circle.
In the fastest and best sales, the prospect controls what is said and done.
Here is how to master the process on just one page. (Handout)

The Ultimate Brochure
Make a Compelling Handout in One Hour or Less!

Harnessing Disruptive Innovation
Managing The New Normal (Handout)

The New Management is Leadership
Succeeding in a world of quick projects and shifting alliances (Handout)

Limits On Change? The Hull Speed Lesson
Why repeated change gets progressively worse results (Handout)

How To Scale Your Organization - Build, Borrow, or Buy? (Handout)

How Local Businesses Can Take Advantage Of The Internet
A Cost Conscious Workshop For Successful Small Businesses
Arlington Business Council

What is Web 2.0…And Why Should You Care?
How the Internet, Web 2.0, And
Open Source Management Are
Changing How Business Is Done (Handout)

Building Your Social Media Platform
What Is It? How Do I Do It? Is It For Me? (Handout)

Web 2.0 In Three Paragraphs
How To Get More Out Of LinkedIn (Blog Post)

Three Web 2.0 Discriminators That Allow Companies To Grow to a Billion Dollars in Under Ten Years

Business School Club of WDC

How to Establish Your Web 2.0 Presence in 2 Hours or Less
AITP of Washington DC, 40Plus, etc…
Understanding, finding, consuming, and creating Web 2.0 content

What is the Value of Technical Communication in a Time of Blogging?
Society for Technical Communications

View From The Center Of The Universe
Leadership Breakfast,
ManTech University (Slides)

Value Centric Work Analysis
How to do the right things with critically constrained resources (Handout)

Sales Lab Resumes - Easier...Faster...Better!
Five Key Components for Effective Resumes (Handout)