“Dick makes business happen. He grows revenue and cash flow by acquiring high value customers. He can do it and he can teach it always exceeding expectations and making it look easy.” 
Jim Dixon, President, Cellular One of San Francisco (BACTC) 

“Jack is one of the most level headed people I've known. He's full of integrity and is always willing to work toward "solving the puzzle" with a Win-Win situation. When Jack gets involved, it's not just a toe in the water but rather a full assessment of the situation. Able to view challenges from all sides and more than capable of managing the project with complete honesty and practicality.” 
Ron Dobransky, VP Sales & Marketing, Rockville Printing & Graphics

the maddest of mad men
dangerous and armed
watch your daughter
hold on to your wallet...

Dick Davies was one of the key figures who guided my early career as an executive coach.
Thirty years later he is still helping me develop my web presence. 
A unique thinker and an innovative coach.”
Richard Moon Sensei, Extraordinary Listening

“Jack is a class act. I am inspired by his optimistic outlook on building working professional relationships. Jack conducts himself and his business with the highest level of integrity and I know that I can always count on him to honor his word and deliver with a smile. He knows how to create a forum where professional leaders share strategies for success.” 
Steve Dorfman, Trainer, Author, Speaker, Consultant, Driven To Excel

“Dick has been invaluable to me as a Sales Trainer, a Strategic Planner and a Personal Coach. I continue to utilize his services. I recommend him for creative, effective solutions.”  
Bill Van Dyke, President, Paradigm Mortgage 

“We (Raspberry Golf Management) recently had Dick speak to us about 'Re-Modeling/Strategic Thinking' about our management paradigm as we looked ahead to 2013 and beyond.

Results weren't good - they were FANTASTIC. Dick got EVERYONE (and I mean EVERYONE) thinking outside the 'BOX' and energized about what 2013 and beyond could bring - collectively and individually. We are 'STOKED' about what lies ahead and cannot wait for a follow-up from Dick to keep us on track, focused and energized as we approach the 'NEW' paradigm for Raspberry Golf Management!!!” 
LaMott Smith , Owner, Raspberry Golf Management

“Dick is a far-sighted business leader with a keen understanding of how companies can find opportunities to grow in a networked world.” 
  Alec Dann, President, Networked Media

“Every time I talk with Dick, I gain further insights into the IT Sales area. Recently Dick offered insights into dealing with organizations who would like you to work gratis (commission only), multiple ways to publicize one's brand, and numerous groups to help with one's networking efforts. Dick's sales and technical knowledge is a potent combination, making him an invaluable partner and consultant in your software decision. I highly recommend his services.” 
  Glenn Havelock, Sales Engineer, Alchemy Solutions, Inc.

“I have known Dick Davies for at least nine years, both as a client and a business associate. His knowledge and experience in sales, blogging, networking and IT are superb. His ability to listen, and then identify and isolate the heart of a problem is remarkable. If you're looking for Sales 2.0, look no further.” 
David Schulman, President, Founder, CloudOpX, LLC

“Dick organized a training session called BlogLab for the Web Managers Roundtable. The session was designed to improve the performance of those working on corporate blogs. I learned was that there is no substitute for an someone who has the will, dedication and discipline to research and dissect all the issues so that students can discover pathways to becoming more productive. And, what an ROI for their organizations;  a half day session in BlogLab probably surged the organization light years ahead from where they were the day before.  ” 
Julie Perlmutter, Founder, The Web Managers Round Table

“The best thing about working with Dick is his no-nonsense approach, sense of humor, and enthusiasm. So many times in business, especially here in the DC area, we get muddled in the "glass half empty" portion of things, and working with someone like Dick remedies that immediately. Dick also comes prepared with a deep knowledge of the subject at hand from years past, but also up-to-the-minute statistics and trends. In short, a great member of a team to get things done.” 
Catherine Shaw, Lead Consultant, Shawspeaking

“Dick led an informative, inspiring blog workshop/seminar that provided helpful advice for how professionals can write better corporate blogs. I'd recommend him to any blogger from beginners to those looking to improve their blogging skills.”
Carla Hunnicutt, Online Marketing Manager at Learning Tree International

“Dick Davies is not just another "thought leader". Sure everyone reads his blog "Through the Browser" and benefits from his intelligence. What I found most impressive was his focus, process, and willingness to give without focusing on what he was going to get. His straightforward and charismatic leadership was truly appreciated and I am thankful he spent time with me and look forward to our next conversation.” 
Andrew Meringoff (Owner, DC Connections and Principal at Meringoff Wealth Management Group, LLC)

Hey Dick... How do you think up all this stuff? However you do it, please keep it up. I find your posts thought-provoking and topical for what I'm facing in my day-to-day.  
Myron Radio, President, The R Group, LLC

“Listening to Dick Davies is like having a personal business coach. He makes you think honestly about what you are doing and how it could be better. His presentations are always interesting, enjoyable, and effective.” 
Holly Dougherty, Executive Director, Mount Vernon - Lee Chamber of Commerce

“I have had the pleasure of interacting with Dick since approximately 2004. He attended many if not most of the Technology Management program sponsored educational events. As these events ceased their void was replaced by an alumni sponsored networking group called the Capital Technology Management Hub. Dick became very active with this group providing quick, yet very informative vignettes on a monthly basis. He has also been the main speaker on his area of expertise. I am happy to recommend him.” 
Clodagh Bassett, Assistant Director, GMU Technology Management Program

“In 1991, when my career was in the uncomfortable throws of transition, I was lucky to meet Dick at a networking event. I vividly recall that evening because of Dick’s introduction was so memorable. Soon after that, I joined “Sales Lab,” a group sales practice Dick created to help people better introduce themselves and tell a story about their work (a practice much easier said than done). After two years of training in Sales Lab, my lessons evolved as the single most transformational force that led me to launch my consulting business. Today, far more successful than I was in the 90’s, I continue to practice Sales Lab methodologies. And, Dick has become a trusted business adviser and friend. If I were to sum up 18 years of working with Dick, I would describe the experience as the gift that keeps on giving (sales that is).” 
Julie Perlmutter, Chair, Web Managers Roundtable

“Think you know about sales? Maybe so, but talk to Dick Davies and you will find there's much you don't know. Dick is a consummate sales expert and professional, as well as a fun, engaging, and always mind-opening speaker. He has provided me with new approaches and thinking every time we've talked. Contact Dick, you'll be glad you did.” 
Bob Gahagan, President/CEO, CCSI-Corporate Consulting Services, Inc.

“Dick is one of the most in-tune and forward thinking technology professionals I've ever worked with. His ability to lead, identify with people, and his understanding of the factors that drive business and technology growth put him a cut above the rest.” 
Zachary Yates, Developer, Architech Solutions

“Dick has an unique perception that drills down to the essence of an issue, then armed with knowledge and grace creates the solution that even I can understand. When Dick is engaged in an endeavor there is only the speed of light that surpasses his commitment to resolution and implementation. And he knows how to speak.” 
Michael Waligorski, Account Executive, Cox Business Services

“Dick has been a major force in my understanding of sales, marketing, and Web 2.0 and Open Source technologies. His entrepreneurial spirit is infectious. We worked together successfully in the past to win new work and contribute to the bottom line. He has a unique ability to see and influence the future and is a true believer in the validity of Web 2.0 in the future of IT services. Words that come to mind in describing Dick are innovative, resourceful, tenacious, versatile, broad knowledge and understanding, loyalty, and well-connected. I look forward to working with Dick in some future endeavor.” 
Ed Aiken, PMP, Project Manager, Catapult Technology, LTD

“During a discussion with Dick Davies, I was greatly influenced by two key concepts. First is that sales is engineering; and communication is a key ingredient to success. There is no shooting from the hip! Second and most thought-provoking is my need to include as part of my professional development plan the goal of becoming an ‘Inductive Scientist of Sales’ who can, through careful observation observe prospect reactions throughout the process to understand what should be said to create the sale. In the end, this is what occurs in a sale. It is the customer who creates the sale, not the salesperson. The salesperson stewards the process. I came away from our conversation knowing just where I am strong, what to keep, what to throw away and a solid sense of the skills and techniques I will need to incorporate into my business plan as I develop as a sales professional.” 
Steven Settle, Business Development Executive, Datric, Inc.

“I found speaking with you helped me cut to the chase quickly so that I could focus in on some important choices. And yes I do have purple in my hair because "it is me" and it feel great.” 
Valli Swerdlow, MSW, Career Coach , President , VALLI Associates, Vienna, VA

“What more can be said about Dick that hasn't been said by his 25+ other recommendations. His tag line on Linkedin is "Explosive Growth, Abundant Cash Flow," and that is exactly what he will deliver for you. He has years of business success and is at the forefront of the concept of using web resources to promote yourself. A proven sales leader and business developer, Davies' knowledge is evident from the moment you begin speaking with him. In less than 90 minutes, Dick was able to highlight a more positive sales strategy for my business as well as identify key relationships to develop as well as avoid. He has put me on a track to use incredible free resources on the web, including but not limited to his own blogs which highlight resources and further your business knowledge. If Dick offers to work with you, you would be a fool to turn him down.” 
Tim Young, Owner, Coming Distractions

“I worked with Dick with several clients and found him to be very professional in his approach in delivering a concise and meaningful solution to the client. He is very knowledgeable of each company's requirements and delivers 100% of what he promises. Dick is also a tremendous speaker. I have enjoyed his lectures over the years as they have given me great information on trends and new solution ideas. I would gladly work with him again.” 
Randy Brown, Senior Applications Engineer, Relativity Technologies, Inc.

“Dick is an invaluable asset for any organization. For example, Dick suggested a campaign of brief handouts and golf balls for all of my meetings. A senior executive, whom I had never met, gave us the "go ahead" on the basis of the quality of the handouts, and on the fact that I was shrewd enough to bring golf balls. I landed an $11 million pension plan.

Dick continually helps me focus my activities on "what is really important". I've worked with him for over 13 years, and estimate that my compensation has been 20% higher than what it would have been because of his support.” 
Top qualities: Great Results, High Integrity, Creative
Ben Gorton, Vice President, Manning & Napier Advisors

“I recently launched a new venture providing training to physicians to help them pick the right software for their medical practices. I know technology but marketing is relatively new to me. Dick provided generous and very valuable advice that improved my marketing materials enormously. Dick is a great mentor and I would strongly recommend him to anyone starting a new business or expanding an existing one.” 
Jim Bradford, Ph.D., President, MediCHI Consulting

“Dick's enthusiasm and support of the Johns Hopkins Association of Information Technology Professionals has accelerated our development as a chapter. He provides students with invaluable insight into the world of marketing and sales in the IT & IS arena and enables them to dream big. Our chapter owes Dick Davies much thanks for his proactive and positive attitude!” 
Lee C. Mitchem, CFP®, Student, The Johns Hopkins Carey Business School

“After years of searching, Dick Davies, within a few minutes of listening was able to pin-down the common thread in my extensive experience…data! He said, “Name an industry or government body that isn’t drowning in data. They haven’t a clue what to do, but YOU do. You know what data is required, where to source it, how to analyze it, but most importantly, what to do with it…that is a gift.” On reflection, he was absolutely right. He then took the time to show me exactly how to use the phenomenal tools he has already built for Prospecting and Sales so as to ensure that my message is broadly received and I achieve my goals. Add to this his blog, which is a treasure trove of additional information that anyone needing sales insight should be able to put to immediate use.” 
Dan Wasserman, President & CEO,Corporate Growth Strategies LLC (CGS) / Principal, Innovation Alliances, LLC (IA)

“I had the pleasure of listening to Dick give a presentation at the Harvard Business School Club. His presentation was wonderfully insightful and thought provoking.” 
Carolyn Thompson, CEO @ Net Marketing Source

“Just when you thought helping your fellow human was a dying art, along come Dick Davies to extend the hand of friendship and force you to rethink your opinions. Accountants are usually locked in a windowless room with a pocket protector full of pens and pencils, a green eyeshade to protect against the naked light bulb, and a jar full of jelly beans. The jar of jelly beans was there, not only to count, but also to leave a trail for accountants to help find the way back to the office in the event they venture out. When an accountant ventures out into the real world, the disorientation can be overwhelming, so when I was presented with the opportunity to start my own “business and financial consulting” firm, my dilemma was “How do I take 20+ years of CFO experience and translate that into something useful for business owners?” How do I take 20+ years of understanding what the numbers mean, and transfer that knowledge to the backbone of the American economy, the business owner?

I began writing a manual for understanding financial statements and financial management for small business, and meeting with accounting firms and banks. My efforts were OK; but, they lacked focus. Along comes the Knight on the White Horse. After meeting Dick Davies at a Business Leadership Breakfast at the Norbeck Country Club, I invited him to have lunch with me. Although I was surprised that he would take the time from his schedule for someone he hardly knew, I was grateful that there was a person left in this world who would share their talents. Over lunch, Dick pulled from me the infected tooth of how I was marketing my skills and replaced it with the crown of sharing “What the numbers mean.” A real light bulb went on and I realized that what Dick was able to pull from me was what I was trying to do all along, but without focus. I would have not been able to find this focus without the skills possessed by Dick Davies, and I am grateful for both his time and talents. Sincerely, Patrick J. Breslin, CPA” 
Patrick J. Breslin, CPA, CEO, Breslin & Associates

“Dick Davies is one of those professional presenters who I would consider a Renaissance Man! Dick is well versed in many areas, and brings to the table a vast array of knowledge and experiences that both provide insight and provoke reflective thought. Each presentation focused the content on the mission and on the business impact. We have contracted Dick to provide presentations for ManTech International. To date, both were exceptional, focused and on-target. Working with Dick prior to, during and after each event, several colleagues remarked that he possessed the trifecta of a presenter - Personable, Expert and Creative! If you are looking for an exceptional speaker - reach out for Dick Davies, he is one of the best.” 
Al Malinchak, Chief Learning Officer, ManTech Corporation

“Dick has thought-provoking views on current and future business direction. His presentation on Web 2.0 is fascinating. By using numerous related business examples and personal anecdotes, he demonstrates the changing landscape of emerging business models. Dick has passion for the underlying topics and trends and his observations are on target.” 
Dov Gorman, Founder, Capital Technology Management Hub, Student, George Mason University - School of Management

“Dick has a different view of the world - and it makes you think! I heard him speak on Web 2.0 and came away with a better understanding on what Web 2.0 is and how it is different from what we had. In broad terms, the collective is both the resource and the reviewing body and this has evolved through providing access. More important than what is happening to the Web, through his stories and examples, he leads listeners to a realization that leadership and management is also evolving along this same path. On the way out is the style ‘because I said so’; on the way in is ‘how do we achieve this goal’ and let the creative juices flow – down the hall and around the world. His implied question: ‘how will you CHANGE to meet the new challenges?’ Listen carefully to him, because he is helping you develop your answer. ” 
Jack Gates, Owner, Gates Associates LLP

“Dick saved me time and money in the advice he has provided for Decision Incite's marketing and sales. He has a close pulse on what is happening with restructuring of business using the Web.” 
Gene Allen, President and CEO, Decision Incite

“I really enjoyed working with Dick on an entrepreneurship seminar. I learned a lot from his practical yet unconventional approach to market research and sales. I would recommend Dick to companies looking for help in building a scalable sales process.” 
Rajesh Rai, Partner, New Markets Venture Partners

“I have the honor of knowing Dick Davies for many years through Association of IT Professionals (AITP) as well as Virginia’s monthly leadership breakfast meeting. He is energetic, dynamic, knowledgeable, talented, and has deep knowledge about broad range of domains including marketing strategy, sales strategy, and Web 2.0. He knows the market and industry well and has many valuable connections. He is generous with his time, knowledge and experiences as well. I learned a lot from him. He taught me many practical sales strategies and business tactics and he has the natural capability to make complicated things easy to understand. I highly recommend Dick to any organization that needs insightful business advice and sales expertise.” 
Michelle Lee, Director, Product Management & Engineering, Network Solutions

“I have known and have worked with Dick Davies for many years, while both of us were in many different businesses....and we continue to find opportunities to mutually derive value from our on-going professional relationship. Dick is first and foremost a man of integrity, a consummate entrepreneur and results oriented professional. Dick Davies is in a rare category of business professional who always exercises my "thinking" and "problem solving", which results in a more efficient effort and better results, than had he not provided his counsel. I'm clear that others realize similar value through their work with Dick Davies, as is supported by the company he keeps!!!” 
Ed Potter, Global Sales Executive, SynOptics Communications

“Dick is a remarkably dynamic, interesting and genuine human being. Aside from being fun to be around, he has a wealth of practical sales and marketing insights to share. I highly recommend taking him to lunch and picking his brain.”
Will Marshall, Director, Business Development, Focused Image, Inc.

“I have been lucky to have wonderful people like Dick Davies on my network. I had an opportunity to discuss some sales situation with him. It helped me to cut to the chase quickly. My network enjoyed working with him. Everyone can feel/appreciate the networking, while working with Dick.” 
Ram Iyer, Data Management/Data Warehousing Consultant 

“Dick Davies is a long time friend of 40Plus of Greater DC so it wasn't a surprise that he gave a dynamic presentation about marketing yourself in order to get better recognition, regardless if it is for marketing & sales or for marketing yourself in a job interview. Telling your story is more process than an art form, more about engineering than just being heard. And Dick does more than just talk to his audience sharing his sales tips, he engages them by creating an interactive environment. People walk away from his lecture motivated and with real tools. If you're looking for a motivated salesman and a motivational speaker with practical advice, Dick is your right-hand man.” 
Giovanni Cappelletti, Director, 40 Plus Speakers Program

“I recently invited Dick Davies, salesperson and marketer extraordinaire, to speak at a CPCUG Entrepreneurs and Consultants event. He agreed without delay. Getting and keeping our diverse attendees focused and actively involved, Dick put on a workshop that resulted in all telling better stories, a key to making more and better sales. The event was truly an Elevator Speech Workshop on steroids.” 
Barbara Conn, Board Member, Capital PC User Group

 “It is my absolute pleasure to recommend Dick Davies. I have known Dick for 15 years. He has been instrumental to my success as mentor, business partner, co-worker and friend. He has always been someone that I could rely upon for outstanding business advice, and someone who always seems to know the best business or sales strategy to get the desired result. As I reach to think beyond the box, Dick keeps me grounded, while at same time listening long enough to give me wings, helping me either define the present reality, or substitute it with my own. He is someone who has spent his professional career establishing a tremendous number of networking contacts to that help him understand a variety of industries and how they can be accessed. If his name wasn't Dick Davies, it would be "Godfather", as he seems to know just about everybody, he uses his influence with people to make the connections that make doing business with him fun, mission focused and worthwhile, and he always finds a way to make you an offer you can't refuse.” 
Saul Rosenberg, PMP, Principal Technologist, Planphoria, LLC

“I asked Dick to speak at a recent event for the Society for Technical Communication, Washington, DC chapter, on the topic of Web 2.0 and blogging. Dick was very professional from start to finish and impressed all of my attendees with his deep knowledge of blogging and local business trends. He distributed a trifold brochure that even my detail-oriented technical communicators appreciated for its minimalistic but effective way of explaining his message. I appreciated Dick's generosity of time and talent and feel that he made me look good, which is the highest recommendation I can give, really!” 
Carolyn Kelley Klinger, Chair, Society for Technical Communications, Washington, DC

“Dick Davies has that unique ability to take the complicated and make it seem so easy. His ability to make his audience feel comfortable when exposed to new ideas or concepts are unparalleled. Be it Web 2.0 or self branding Dick is able to get our diverse membership involved.” 
Joel Sarfati, Executive Director, 40Plus of Greater Washington

“We've had Dick Davies speak at the 40Plus of Greater Washington Monday morning meeting numerous times, and he always delivers a lively, informative presentation of value to members. Whether it's networking tips or how to use web 2.0 technology, Dick Davies is the one to call if you want to give your audience a fistful of great take-aways.” 
Dave Heffernan, Principal, Bethesda Communications

“I'm always an enthusiastic member of Dick Davies' audience. He's an informed, informative, energetic, talented, opinionated, motivating, funny, frequent, loud speaker, not to mention a vastly experienced and successful salesman. I can't think of a better person from whom to learn basic and advanced ways of crafting and delivering powerful messages. And isn't that what sales is all about?” 
Gabe Goldberg, President, Computers and Publishing, Inc